AJ Stoughton- Editor-in-Chief

In addition to writing for Humor Squad, AJ writes for his own hockey blog at, builds catamarans for the homeless, and enjoys Mint Juleps. Follow him on twitter @AJStoughton.

Matt Buonaguro-Writer

He’s currently working on his next project: writing his Humor Squad bio.

Dan Katter– Writer

Wears a monocle on each eye.

Evan Harary- Writer

Does not know that he writes for this website.

Dhruva Krishna- Writer

Dhruva talks in the third person and lives several double lifes. He enjoys to play music and is an avid cabaret singer. Anyone else up for a game of pickeball?

Greg Loftus– Writer

Acting as a staff writer on Humor Squad, Loftus is also a Writer-Director of short films and aspires to work in the movie industry as such. He enjoys writing screenplays, short fiction, and stand-up comedy, as well as walking on the beach on Block Island. It should also be noted that like a fine wine, Loftus is getting better with age. Check out his short film work at

Thomas Terrymon– Writer

Thomas Terrymon is a norwegian war criminal just trying to reinvent himself.
Barry Lytton-Writer

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