Oct 30

What Do You Mean “World” Series?

Thomas Terrymon is just your average European War Criminal, trying to restart his life here in the USA.

The phenomenon of baseball is not something that has ever translated to my home country, the name of which I am no longer legally allowed to disclose (curse you, “Kroatia”). Regardless, one thing I’ve never understood is why they call it the World Series. It is not “World” Series. It is “America” Series.

Silly goose, America IS the world.

I’d be offended Captain America, but my right to be indignant was also legally revoked by the ICJ. I am allowed to be disgruntled though. And I am that right now. I first developed love for baseball when I started my English tutoring (you have noticed how grammar much improved has, yes?). After my last submission, my editor says to me, “Thomas , you need to get your act together. I can’t have you writing for this site if you can’t form a sentence properly.” Clearly my editor knows nothing. I spoke English perfect then, and I speak it perfect now, right?

Anyway, back to baseball. This current format for the playoffs is not viable. How can one country play, and call it the World Series? In fact, how can any American sports team declare themselves world champions after  having only won a national championship. Is it because Americans think their sports leagues are the best in the world? Please, no one who has ever watched a KHL game can say that America has all of the world’s best sports leagues.

Really? Because I went to a KHL game last week as a 25 year old young professional, and now I am 63 and in a soup kitchen.

Alright, so maybe American sports leagues are the best in the world. But does that excuse the ethnocentrism that accompanies the assumptions that they are making? I would say no. But then again, I also said it was ok to use deadly force on a group of people who were protesting police brutality, so perhaps my judgement (and my sense of irony) is not so good. Regardless, that is neither here nor there. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. We all make such a hullabaloo over things that don’t really matter. People get offended by TV shows, and movies, and books, and things people say to them, and jokes about war crimes, yet at the end of the day. If it’s in jest, it’s in jest. There’s a line of tastelessness that is apparent to all. However, for everything short of that line, sometimes it’s best just to let it go.

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