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Feb 19

Pokemon: Children’s Show or Romanticized Cock Fighting?

Wait what?

If you’re trying to access this article from a computer at your school or place of business, I apologize. You most likely can’t view this article because, if your computer’s censorship software works anything like my school’s, your system saw the fragments “romantic” and “cock fighting” and exploded. Nonetheless, for those of you who can …

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Oct 30

Andy Bernard: Savior of “The Office”

And to think those kids were once capable of happiness before Michael Scott

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you like The Office. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that a strong majority of our readers are fans of “The Office.” After all, the satirical (read as: “poor”) sense of humor that is prevalent throughout the show is not so different from some of the humor found …

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Oct 16

Dragon Ball Z: Promoting The Master Race

How about you follow your own advice, jerk face.

As a kid, I loved Dragon Ball Z with a burning passion. Unfortunately for six year old me, however, my mom was not such a fan. She loathed the show’s violence, and so it was banned from my household. As a result, when I was able to actually watch the show, I was usually writhing …

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May 27

And the Next Big Sitcom Star Is…

I feel like I'm being Punk'd right now...

By Greg Loftus After the media-firestorm that was Charlie Sheen’s controversial departure from CBS’ hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, many wondered: who will be the one added to the remaining one and half members of the show’s cast? I mean, at the rate that kid is growing up, they might as well have renamed …

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May 22

Well Someone Here Likes “Glee”

Look at me, so funny when I put bra on my chest testicles

Thomas Terrymon is just your average Norwegian War Criminal, trying to restart his life here in the USA. Unlike my contemporary, Mr. Krishna, a name whose utterance fills my utterance holes with passionate killing urge, I like the televised show G-Finger Sign-ee, or as stupid Americans say, “Glee”.   After spending a long day yesterday at …

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May 19

Glee: The Destruction Of Culture As We Know It


*Disclaimer* The language and opinions used in this piece are the author’s own, and do not represent any views of the site. Glee. It shocks me how much a single one syllable word can incite such a feeling of hate in my body. Webster Dictionary defines glee as “high-spirited joy.” In no way does this …

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May 15

Powerpuff Girls- The Most Progressive Cartoon Ever


If you’re anything like me, you look to cartoons to impart valuable knowledge and social values to your children. Things like manners, appropriate topics for conversations, morals, and even political ideologies are things that cartoons should teach our kids, so that you don’t have to. Most shows do a pretty good job of this. “Cat …

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