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Nov 07

AJ’s Guide To Having A Great Thanksgiving


Senior year is, expectedly, a stressful time in one’s life. You have to apply to college, you have a harder course load, and you have more responsibility in your extra curricular activities. It can be a lot to handle. So to help deal with the some of the stress, I recently went over to my …

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Nov 01

My Summer Adventure


The following was an article that I wrote back in May/June for my school’s newspaper’s back page. I’ve already gone through the program discussed, and I’ll probably post an article about it later this week.   Back in January, I applied to a language immersion program in Vermont. Essentially, I’m going to try and learn …

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Oct 22

The Four Reasons You Should Love Hockey

Behold, the most hated man in hockey- The NHL's Commissioner

I’m the first one to take a shot at Canada whenever there’s an opportunity to do so. Between their frilly healthcare system, their love of maple syrup, and their production of the Barenaked Ladies, there’s a lot to hate about those Nucks up north. But there are redeemable qualities even in the worst of people. …

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Sep 27

Burlington: The Greatest City Ever


The following is an article that I wrote for my school’s newspaper, also known as “Campus.” I never actually submitted it, (I instead submitted the oil article for this issue’s back page, for those of you Edgemont readers). So I guess this article is like  the B-side track of humor writing. I was originally thinking …

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Sep 27

5 Tips For Becoming A Successful Oil Tycoon

oil and gas well at sunset6

There is a lot expected from you as a High School Senior. You’re expected to do your work, help around the house, accept more personal responsibility, and, of course, apply to college. Yet I’ve never really understood this whole notion of “going to college,” nor have I ever fully grasped these abstract notions of “employment …

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Aug 07

The Seven Things I Learned From “Cowboys and Aliens”


  Having been excited for a the better part of a year for the hybrid film that became the messy, bloated, clichéd movie Cowboys & Aliens, it was sad to see such an interesting concept become such a disappointingly predictable movie. In an attempt to save others from the same heartbreak that I experienced while …

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