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Oct 30

What Do You Mean “World” Series?

Really? Because I went to a KHL game last week as a 25 year old young professional, and now I am 63 and in a soup kitchen.

Thomas Terrymon is just your average European War Criminal, trying to restart his life here in the USA. The phenomenon of baseball is not something that has ever translated to my home country, the name of which I am no longer legally allowed to disclose (curse you, “Kroatia”). Regardless, one thing I’ve never understood is …

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Oct 22

The Four Reasons You Should Love Hockey

Behold, the most hated man in hockey- The NHL's Commissioner

I’m the first one to take a shot at Canada whenever there’s an opportunity to do so. Between their frilly healthcare system, their love of maple syrup, and their production of the Barenaked Ladies, there’s a lot to hate about those Nucks up north. But there are redeemable qualities even in the worst of people. …

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